Jamie Fraser


Hi, I'm Jamie, and I am a PHP Developer

I primarily work with PHP (and related technologies), HTML, CSS and JS, but I am open to learning new languages, for example I have recently started learning Python. I have some experience with Linux System Configuration and a little Java.

I have been building websites in PHP for over 10 years, mostly in WordPress for the first 8 years, then in a mix of Laravel, Symfony, and Vanilla PHP.

I am experienced in Linux system admin, and can set up a L[EA]MP stack web server using Vagrant for portable development, I also have a lot of experience working with high traffic sites including one which had 6 million page views per month

I have extensive commercial experience in building websites in a variety of frameworks as well as picking up existing codebases and applying updates and new features as requested by clients.

I've been working as a contractor for the last 4 years, working with companies in both the UK and Australia to provide high quality sites for a range of clients including government contracts, charities, and the private sector. More recently I've been supporting client's legacy codebases to continue support on old sites and outdated systems.

I'm keen to continue building on my Laravel development, as well as any WordPress projects, as they both provide excellent opportunities for personal development

Key Skills

PHP Laravel | Symfony | WordPress | Vanilla PHP 5/7
Database MySQL | MariaDB | MongoDB
JavaScript JQuery | Vanilla | Learning Vue.js | Angular.js
Web HTML 4/5 | CSS 2/3 | Bootstrap | MaterializeCSS
Server Linux Sys Admin
Application Maintenance | Architecture Planning | Unit Testing
Integration Payment Gateways - Paypal, Braintree, Securepay | 3rd party APIs
The Rest Git | Jira | Slack | Teamwork

Past Experience

Bella And Duke

Full Stack Developer
2020 - ongoing

Bella and Duke are a product company who brought in a dedicated IT team to handle their main Websites and sales tools

In this position I take a full stack development role building new features for their site 2.0 as they further their ambitions. Their site is fronted by a custom MVC framework (not mine), and standard JS with a bootstrap theme for design

The IT team is a small team and communicate primarily via Slack, and use Jira for project management

Lancashire 3D

Solution Provider
2019 - ongoing

Lancashire3D required a custom built CRM to manage their in house actions, including integration with their 3D printers

The project architecture, and application design needed done, with laravel being chosen because of its flexibility

The project is currently on hiatus due to company restructure.


PHP Developer
2017 - 2019

Siftware are a UK-based company who specialise in the taking over and management of business-critical systems which may no longer have their original developers available. In this position I provided PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and Sys admin support on a variety of projects make up of various frameworks. Most of the code from these sites are either written in older versions of PHP or related framework, or spaghetti, or occasionally, both!

As part of my contract I also provide support direct to the client, and in some cases, to their customers also. The frameworks involved are Laravel, Symfony, Vanilla PHP, and WordPress

The team is combined entirely of remote workers is various locations around the world and we collaborate via a daily standup, TeamWork, and Slack to make sure we always know whats going on with projects


Mid-Level PHP Developer
2016 - 2018

August are an award winning digital marketing agency based across the globe, they craft beautiful websites for a wide range of clients. In this position I provided Website development support in various projects. A large majority of their sites use WordPress as a backbone, and required custom themes and plugins, as well as extending existing plugins to meet client requirements. The sites not built in WordPress were built in ExpressionEngine and Symfony

The majority of the work here was back-end development, with the design being applied by their skilled front-end developers.

The team consisted of an in-house staffing, based in Melbourne, with myself remote working cross timezones, collaborating via a custom built Kanban, Slack, and video calls.

Firestorm Media

PHP Developer
2013 - 2016

Firestorm Media Solutions provide media technology solutions to various suppliers, this includes video streaming, mobile and telephone payment solutions and telephone IVR development.

During my employment I provided PHP development support as well as working on developing their mobile payment platform and telephone IVR support.

Because of the nature of this company, part of the role included direct customer support to end users for issues relating to application usage.


Lead PHP Developer
2010 - 2013

A local web agency who used to build and maintain sites in WordPress and vanilla PHP

This role required building sites from PSD design right through to client handover, and in the latter part involved managing a small team of developers


Junior Web
2009 - 2010

Update the student union's website content.